What some of our clients, staff and members of the community have to say..

“This new, world-class infrastructure is an outstanding achievement and the project was completed on time and on budget.” 23 November, 2016

Hon. Francis Awesa, Works Minister for PNG

“The Kumusi Bridge is truly a milestone achievement.  This will connect more than 100,000 people and give us more opportunities.  An engineering spectacle that we are proud of and I say thank you to the contractors for a job well done.  This bridge is a beacon of hope and a symbol of resilience for our country.” 23 November, 2016

Sir Leo Dion flanked by Charles Abel and Australian High Commissioner Bruce Davis

Sir Leo Dion flanked by Charles Abel and Australian High Commissioner Bruce Davis

Deputy Prime Minister of PNG, Sir Leo Dion

“We have come to know Canstruct.  They have been part of our community.  Even when they leave, they will still be in our hearts.  They have left a footprint that we will remember forever.  We want to thank the Australian people.  The bridges represent a wonderful gift from Australia.” 23 November, 2016

Dan Murphy and Governor of Oro Province Gary Juffa

Dan Murphy and Governor of Oro Province Gary Juffa

Gary Juffa, Governor of Oro Province, PNG

“Thankyou to Canstruct.  You’ve done a fantastic job.”

23 November, 2016

Charles Abel, The Minister for National Planning, PNG

“These bridges will save lots of lives. It will save the Sohe district.” Nov 23, 2016

David Wereh, Robin Murphy and Delilah Gore

David Wereh,Secretary of the Department of Works; Robin Murphy and the Hon Delilah Gore, Minister for Religion, Youth and Community Development PNG

Delilah Gore, Minister for Religion, Youth and Community Development and local Member for Sohe, PNG

“The project is integral to the operation of the VALE NC hydrometallurgical process plant and Canstruct have completed this project on time and on budget. Working internationally has numerous unfamiliar constraints in terms of legal,social,cultural and language. Canstruct have managed all necessary preparation efficiently to avoid project delays.

Canstruct have proven that their professional approach to project execution results in success.” July 16, 2015

David Turk from Vale New Caledonie

“The Category 5 cyclone (Cyclone Pam) was an absolute doozy. Very scary 8 hours and I honestly thought that the Force 10 units would sustain much damage. However we were very happy to see only minor damage. All in all, I would say a very satisfying result and one that Force 10 should be proud of. There were properties that were near us that lost complete roofs. We heard some horror stories about people that were in beautiful, solid cement block construction housing that lost their complete roofs very early in the cyclone. But our Force 10 units were in great condition given the size of the cyclone. One gust was registered at 382 kms/hr. So you can imagine some of the gusts that we faced.” 27 April, 2015

Tony Ryan, Vanuatu Agencies

“The Force 10 house definitely saved my life: it was my armour against Cyclone Pam.”

April 27, 2015.

Force 10 is an affiliate company of Canstruct.  Canstruct always uses the Force 10 system in cyclone regions.

Tina Anthony, Vanuatu

“The Drumsite Village project Stages 1 and 2 were well executed from start to finish by Canstruct and it was a pleasure to deal with the various personnel throughout the project.  All the best to you and your crew, your company would be welcome back here anytime.”

Colin Wheadon, Manager Planning Building and Health

Shire of Christmas Island

4 June, 2015

Shire of Christmas Island

“Once again, I would like to extend a big thanks to yourself and the contractors for the works carried out at the Inverbrackie site.  Everyone in DIBP was impressed by the condition of the site during the walk around.  Thank you again for all your hard work and assistance.”

Email sent on March 10, 2015

Sharna Steicke, Facilities Management and Projects West, Onshore Infrastructure, Dept of Immigration and Border Protection