Canstruct does its best to be a good corporate citizen, contributing in a range of ways to our community.

In 2013, Canstruct was very proud to hand over a state of the art new Food Processing Plant for Endeavour Foundation at Wacol, Brisbane.

The facility employs more than 220 people with a disability. The brand new building is constructed with all Force 10 building materials and was built by Canstruct. As a result, Endeavoiur Foundation has been able to dramatically improve its efficiency and capacity for Food Packaging. The project was very close to the heart of our Canstruct Founding Director, Robin Murphy OAM who worked tirelessly on this project along with a strong support team from Canstruct, Force 10 as well as the Rotary Club of Brisbane Inner West.

The Rotary Club of Brisbane Inner West raised over $250,000 for this fantastic project and worked extremely hard, all on a voluntary basis. The Rotarians also did the landscaping for the building and built several outdoor lunchtime shelters for Endeavour staff to use. Robin Murphy is a member of the Rotary Club of Brisbane Inner West.

The Rotarians had a celebratory BBQ at the new building with around 30 people from Endeavour to toast the new building. The Endeavour Foundation Packaging Solutions Wacol site has been in full production ever since.

Robin and Margaret Murphy, together with their three sons – Adrian, Rory and Dan established in 2014 a Private Ancillary Fund called the Murphy Family Foundation.  This Foundation is administered by Jane Murphy and Australian Philanthropic Services.

PrintThe Foundation has assisted various other Queensland and Australian charitable causes in the past three years including:

Youngcare; Southern Cross Soloists; Staverton Kindergarten Building Fund; Fred Hollows Foundation; Cressbrook Tank Stand Restoration Project; McIntyre Centre Riding for Disabled; Leukemia Foundation; Smith Family; Pyjama Foundation; Good Samaritan Housing; Bush Heritage Australia; Australian Indigenous Education Foundation; University of Queensland RJ “Gus” Wiles Chemical Engineering Scholarship; Zephyr Education Inc and St Vincent de Paul.  Each of these charities has a personal connection to someone in the large Murphy Family.

In addition the Murphy Family Foundation have supported development work in Papua New Guinea including a project to build a new TB Ward in Oro Province for the Oro Community Development Project.  This project is still a work in progress.

One of the major partnerships in the last couple of years has been with the Puuya Foundation.  Back in September 2015, the Murphy Family Foundation made a major donation of $150,000 to the Puuya Foundation for a new early years learning centre called the Kuunchi Kakana (Families Together) at Lockhart River. Denise Hagan, CEO of the Puuya Foundation said: “We have had a dream for a community led early years centre for Lockhart River for some time – and with your help it is now here!  We are so very appreciative.”

Robin Murphy explains why he wanted to get behind this Puuya project: “the important thing for me was to be a catalyst.  Things can get a life of their own if you just give them a push.”  This is exactly what happened with the Kuunchi Kakana Centre.  As Denise Hagan continues: ” We were able to leverage the grant from the Murphys to help our case with government.  I believe this is the first time a partnership like this between government and philanthropy and business for indigenous early years has been done in Queensland.”

Robin Murphy and Leandra Warradoo with some of the children from Lockhart

Robin’s wife, Margaret Murphy has been a music therapy volunteer at Canossa for over 20 years and is also an energetic supporter of many other community organisations.  Margaret is an accomplished pianist and singer and has been entertaining Canossa residents suffering from Dementia on a weekly basis.  Margaret is able to engage the patients with her music and lovely voice.  Through the Murphy Family Foundation, Margaret has been pleased to support a range of Australian and Queensland charities for many years.  In 2017, some of the organisations have included: QIMR Berghofer; AIEF; Zephyr Education Inc and Southern Cross Soloists.

Three generations of the Murphy family - Jane and Margaret Murphy and Lizzy Cooper with Ron Bolton-Wood from the Leukemia Foundation.

Lizzy went to school with a young girl who contracted Leukemia. This young schoolfriend is alive and well now partly because of the care and the science advances made by the Leukemia Foundation.

Alara Barnes, Margaret Murphy and Renee Coffey in May 2017. Alara and Renee are from the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation. Margaret has been a personal supporter of the AIEF for many years.

Adrian Murphy with Professor Pete Halley, Head of School for Chemical Engineering at the University of Queensland in May 2017. Adrian graduated as a Chemical Engineer from the University of Queensland in the 1980’s. The Murphy Family Foundation contributed to the Gus Wiles Chemical Engineering Foundation. Gus was a teacher and mentor when Adrian was a student at the University.

Margaret and Jane Murphy at Zephyr’s headquarters.  Zephyr is a charity that exists to support the children with practical items like school books, uniforms and stationery that live in Domestic Violence Shelters around Queensland and Tasmania.


Our CEO, Rory Murphy has been a strong supporter of St Vincent de Paul and has personally raised $54,000 for the homeless in the last five years through the Vinnies CEO Sleepout.

Rory Murphy modelling his Black-Tie sleep suit for the CEO Sleepout!

Rory Murphy modelling his Black-Tie sleep suit for the CEO Sleepout!


In addition Canstruct was active during the Brisbane Floods and the Christmas Island Cyclone.

  • Brisbane Floods
  • Christmas Island Cyclone

To find out more about the Murphy Family Foundation contact the Canstruct office on 07 3716 2000.

Christmas Island Cyclone

Cyclone Gillian hit Christmas Island very early on Saturday 22 March, 2014. There was a Red Alert on the Island which meant that everyone on the Island needed to stay indoors to stay safe. The Cyclone raged all day and the Red Alert was not lifted until 7pm on the Saturday evening.

17 Canstruct staff took shelter in the Force 10 accommodation camp on the island, whilst John Montoya and his wife Catalina and their baby remained in their family accommodation. Once the all clear had been sounded John Montoya who is the Canstruct Site Manager jumped into his ute to check on Stage Two of the Christmas Island development we are building. Some substantial trees had come down and there was a lot of debris.

At the Stage Two site a live electrical light was knocked over and John had to notify the Power Authorities. Fortunately there was only a small amount of damage at the Canstruct site. On the Sunday morning, John and three of the key Canstruct personnel- Brad Muller, Derek Bailey, and James Chatfield met on the Stage Two site and cleaned up the worst of the debris and made the site safe. Once this was done at around 10am, John then contacted Dan Murphy, GM of Canstruct. Dan authorised him to offer Canstruct services for free to the Christmas Island community. Dan was happy to do so and John then contacted the local Police on Christmas Island to offer Canstruct’s services.

They were advised that local restaurant Rumah Tinggi were in trouble – they had lost their roof in the cyclone and there was a young family also living at the restaurant – a baby and two young children. John explains”The young family had only just taken over the restaurant and urgently needed help. I went up to our site and grabbed our gear especially the Man Cage, so our guys could get up on their roof. We got the boys Harnessed up and made the area safe and then put on six tarpaulins to cover the restaurant. It was a very big day.”

Kane Martin said “thankyou to everyone from the bottom of our hearts” on behalf of his family, wife Tara and children Charlize, Nickolas and Mitchell Martin.

John Montoya, Derek Bailey, James Chatfield and Brad Muller – the handy can do guys on Christmas Island

John Montoya, Derek Bailey, James Chatfield and Brad Muller – the handy can do guys on Christmas Island