In 2011 Canstruct won a significant contract to perform Maritime Works and Geotechnical Investigations for a major port to be built at Daru, for PNG Sustainable Development Program Ltd (PNGSDP) which is a private company chaired by Professor Ross Garnaut.

This project demanded an extensive array of Marine Construction requiring numerous vessels and innovative design facilities in a remote region with third world conditions.

Canstruct offered an innovative methodology and commitment to carry out the works which produced a better outcome for the client. This included the use of four highly specialised Consultants in various aspects of Geotechnical information, rather than the forecast one or two advisors. In addition, Canstruct offered the most modern technology, equipment and vessels to achieve the desired result.

There were four main components to the work

  1. Offshore Drilling. Canstruct sourced a Jack Up Platform which has been specifically designed for this kind of work.
  2. Hydrographic and Geophysical survey. Canstruct brought a world leader in this field out from the UK to undertake the survey.
  3. Vibro-Coring. Canstruct engaged an Earth Scientist and specialist equipment with the technical capacity to investigate up to twice the depth of the seabed than anyone else in the world has attained for relevant work.
  4. Personal Security. Canstruct purchased a mother-ship which provides full board and messing facilities for up to 40 people. This initiative has really impressed the client and other operating companies.

Canstruct employed over 35 PNG employees in Daru for eleven months. The job finished in late December 2011 and Canstruct asked their staff for feedback.

Listed below are some of their comments:

Dan Kawi “Working with Canstruct has been something new and a era that may have brought particularly a change in us. It was like learning something new and worthy, and this company has particularly changed me from being worthless to being useful now.”

Nelson Kila “I enjoy working with Canstruct, since when I work with other company I work my guts out and I don’t get enough salary for my family for 14 years. But I’m really happy with Canstruct, I got enough for my family and for the school fees. Thanks very much. God Bless.”

Dixon Tito “I personally enjoyed and liked being working for Canstruct bcoz (because) its more or less like a family – well protected and looked after and world class standard. I am prepared for any future projects that needs to be here, like marine or any constructions etc. Very happy with the champion company!”

Logan Paradi “First of all Merry Xmas, on behalf of myself and my wife. We would like to say very big thank you to all you Canstruct Limited PNG. I enjoyed myself for being with you all and all the best in your endeavour. Wish to see you in Daru soon.”

Robbie Gumoi “First of all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the crews of Canstruct. Working with Canstruct was very good and am very happy that I learned a lot of new skills.”