The_Courier-Mail_October_17__2011_1200AMCanstruct has won several contracts with Brisbane City Council in 2012.  The company has just completed Black Spot Traffic work at Carina, Runcorn and Sherwood in high traffic zones.

Canstruct have become specialist experts at Traffic island Cleansing and Maintenance. Since February of 2012, Canstruct has managed the cleansing and maintenance of  1,080 Traffic islands for the Brisbane City Council. Canstruct mobilised two work crews working every week night, and we averaged 30 Traffic islands a night.

Canstruct carried out cleaning, sweeping, weeding and linemarking and we also patched up broken concrete edges and kerbs and re-laid damaged and sunken pavers on islands. Canstruct has an excellent safety record which is vital for this type of work. There were zero work injuries incurred during this job.

Mica Julien, Manager of the Urban Amenities Branch of the Brisbane City Council has been astounded with the fast and efficient work undertaken.

“Canstruct have been a pleasure to work with on this project, they have readily accepted feedback and have been prepared to work with us on delivery timeframes and requirements.  All in all, a very successful partnership.”
June 7, 2012

Key Canstruct personnel – Paul Hillman (Project Manager), Ali Sengoz (Site Supervisor) and James Spasevski (Assistant Project Manager)