In late 2013, Canstruct won a major contract with the PNG Government to rebuild four bridges in the Oro Province of PNG.

The bridges were destroyed by Cyclone Guba in 2007.  Funded by the Australian Government and delivered through the Department of Works, Canstruct has been proud to build these four new bridges which are now complete.  Construction commenced in January 2014 and the final bridge was handed over in September, 2016.

The Deputy Prime Minister of PNG Sir Leo Dion officially unveiled the plaque with Oro Governor Gary Juffa and the Australian High Commissioner Bruce Davis to signify the opening of the Kumusi Bridge in Kokoda, Northern Province on November 23, 2016.

The Kumusi Bridge is the longest Bridge in PNG and is a vital link to Kokoda.

Australia’s High Commissioner Bruce Davis commented:”We’re proud to have worked win partnership with Papua New Guinea in a region that is so important to our shared ANZAC history.  This highlights what can be achieved when we work together.  It signifies the deep and abiding respect and strong sense of neighbourhood between our two countries.  Its a great step forward.  The project is the largest infrastructure project we have undertaken in PNG and is now the largest bridge in PNG.”

The four bridges are for ;

  • Kumusi River @ 285 metres in length
  • Girua River @ 150 metres
  • Ambogo River @ 100 metres
  • Eroro River @ 66 metres

The bridge designs consist of four steel continuous girders with cast insitu concrete decks which are built to a design capacity for a 2,000 year flood. More than 1,500 tonnes of high quality Grade 350 steel was used in the construction.  300 people worked on the project.

Northern Province Governor, Gary Juffa commended the project. Mr Juffa said the absence of bridges has cost lives and misery for the people of Northern Province, because of the lack of access to vital government services and business houses.

Canstruct has now been on site in PNG since January 2014 and the Ambogo Bridge was opened on 11 July, 2016.  Eroro and Girua Bridge opened a week later on July 18.  The Kumusi  Bridge opened on September 18, 2016. In addition to the four main bridges, Canstruct was contracted to redesign and rebuild the Martyr’s Crossing Bridge and a new Bailey Bridge at Auga Crossing. Canstruct is now finalising all sites.

Canstruct has had to overcome some herculean hurdles in the piling and building of the four bridges.  Some of the boulders in the river are as big as a shipping container and the rivers are truly treacherous – they can flood in just an hour. Some of the piles had to be driven to 40 metres in depth to ensure their stability and longevity. Piles have had to be driven much deeper than the geotechnical reports originally indicated.  Canstruct had to be innovative in their thinking to overcome these issues.