In February 2006 Canstruct Pty Ltd together with its partners Department of Main Roads, Ostwald Bros and Worley Parsons commenced work on a $91M project for the design and construction of 11 bridges and the design, construction, widening and rehabilitation of 91km road pavements along the Dawson Highway (between Calliope and Banana) in Central Qld.

Canstruct was responsible for the construction of the bridges and other structural works.

The bridges are wider, with a design life of 100 years and have improved the road alignment and access during wet periods.

The ARRP CQ Alliance project reached practical completion in December 2007, six months ahead of schedule, as a result saving the client over 10% of its budget.

The ARRP-CQ project was nominated for the national Alliance Contracting Excellence Awards, where it was selected in the top 5 projects in Australia for 2008.

“The Department of Transport and Main Roads has had a mutually beneficial association with Canstruct Pty Ltd in Central Queensland for several years. The most notable engineering project involved Canstruct as one of the non-owner participants in a $90m Alliance Project on the Dawson and Leichhardt Highways in Central Queensland.

This Alliance was called ARCP CQ Alliance and was originally set up to complete works on the Dawson Highway. Prior to the works, sections of these highways had been identified as the worst rural highways in Queensland.

The project delivered saving of $9m on Treasury approved funds. A more significant outcome is that the project delivered a better than expected design life which will result in significant maintenance savings over the next 20 years. This project clearly demonstrated Canstruct’s ability to deliver significant quality works on time and significantly under budget.

One of the pleasing aspects of working with Canstruct was the relationships formed with key personnel. Whenever issues arose they were dealt with in a collaborative and constructive manner that was best for the project outcomes.

I have no hesitation in recommending Canstruct for their engineering capability, financial and commercial ability and the general ability to carry out engineering works that meets client’s expectations within an agreed timeframe.”

Graham Bigg, Principal Engineer (Program Delivery)
Rockhampton Office, Alliance Leadership Team member on ARRP CQ
23 September, 2010